Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Day after Christmas

Good morning Emma Grace, it is December 26th, the day after Christmas in 2017.  Outside the sun is shining and 39 degrees. Golfers are teeing off from the 3rd tee right outside our window.  Are they crazy 😜.  I am comfortable on my couch πŸ›‹ with my morning readings, fireplace going and coffee in hand.  I hope yesterday was nice for you.  We have our Christmas tree πŸŽ„ right outside our big window in the back so there’s no mess and when we light it up, the reflection of the lights in the window looks like it’s inside the house 🏑.  Auntie DDe, Auntie Jo, Zan and Taj had a fun day with all the presents 🎁 all over the floor playing with them and getting excited about the snow outside the window at Auntie Jo’s.  They’re going to the Mall of America and ride the roller coaster.  I FaceTime with them everyday so I am able to see them even though I am 1200 miles away.
Well, Emma, Grandpa and I love πŸ’• you to the moon and back.  Be safe my sweet little girl.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hi Emma,  it’s fall and our weather is cool and refreshing.  Grandpa and I just got back from traveling into the Midwest.  Grandpa’s older sister passed away so we went to the funeral and spent some time with his family.  Joy was 89 years old and had been sick and gradually declining in health.  She was a wonderful person and I loved her very much.  We then visited Auntie Jo.  We enjoyed seeing all the trees rich in their reds, oranges and yellows.  We don’t have that by the beach here in North Carolina!  We had fun in Minnesota.  We were busy seeing the sights and having fun. After visiting the Midwest we went to Virginia for the birth of another cousin of yours.  Yes, a little girl was born October 26th. They are all waiting to meet you someday.
We’re enjoying being retired because we can make our own schedules.  I’m in Naples with Auntie D’De, Zan and Taj much more now that I don’t have to get up and go to work everyday.  Wish your mother would let you see us because we would have fun. We go places and have fun together.  We are patient and we will all be here when the time comes for you to return to your Daddy’s family.  Meanwhile stay safe my sweet little girl.  Love you lots. 😍
Your Grammie

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Good Morning Emma Grace,
You had your 10th Birthday yesterday and remember we had plans for your 10th?  We will still do that when you are older.  I hope it was a good day for you.  We miss celebrating those events with you.  I made a copy of your 10th birthday card from us.  I presume you don't get any of my notes, cards and postcards so I make copies of them and will give them to you someday.
Zan and Taj spent a week with Grandpa and I when they all had to evacuate Naples when Irma hit. Hope you were safe too.
Well, my love,  I will continue posting.  Prayers and positive thoughts to you all the time.
Love, Grammie

Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 12, 1995

Hi Emma Grace,
I ran into this picture that I wanted to share with you.  Today is September 2, 2017 and 22 years ago, your father walked me down the aisle when I married Grandpa on August 12, 1995.  It was a lovely evening ceremony with only family and close friends.  We had a small reception back at my house on Redd Road, the first house you ever came to.  Anyway, thought you would enjoy seeing your Daddy as a young man giving your Grammie away holding my nervous hand in his on the way to the altar.
Love you to the moon and back............

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hi Emma Grace,
Today is July 18, 2017 and tonight Grandpa and I went out for ice cream.  He came back to the car with a cup of peach yogurt with gummie bears on top! He said he remembered the time you asked him if you could get gummie bears on your frozen yogurt and of course he said yes. I enjoyed my treat thinking about you.
Love, Grammie

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hi Emma Grace,
It is July 8, 2017 and today is a big day for me because 40 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we named him Todd.  Your father.  He was born in Alexandria Hospital, Alexandria, Va. He was healthy and happy and I couldn't wait to get him home on Ferry Landing Rd. to meet his sisters, Dama Jennifer and Jody Allison.  He was over 9lbs when he was born and do you know he turned himself over in the bassinet at 10 days old!  Yes, he was a rambunctious little guy then too.  Your sisters loved him so much and we were a happy family. My mother was so happy I had a boy because I already had two girls and she knew the joy of having boys and girls because as you know, I come from a large family of seven children.  Three girls and four boys.  It was all good!
I will post again soon and hope you are okay and safe.  Our love to you Emma Grace.  You are part of me and I am part of you.  Nobody can take that away even if you are not allowed to see us.  Always in my heart ❤️.
Love, your Grammie

Saturday, June 10, 2017

We are here, Emma.

Hi baby girl, we are always holding you in our hearts and thoughts and know that you will be back into the Foege fold as soon as possible.  Stay strong! Use your keen intellect to decipher truth. We will be dancing again soon! Love always, Auntie DDΓ© , Ε½an and Taj πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer is here

Hi Emma Grace, πŸ™‹
It is June 9, 2017 and you must be out of school for the summer by now.  Are you kicking up your heels with excitement?  I wonder what camps and activities you have scheduled.  I'm sure there's lots of fun in store for you in the next 2 months.  Wish it could be here as the boys are coming up for a while and it would be great fun.
I went to visit Auntie Jo in Minneapolis for a week.  She has a very nice place and we were busy, busy, busy. There was a Golden Girls Bar Crawl and the organizer wanted to break the Guinness Book of World Records having the most people dressed like the golden girls under one roof. It was hilarious. Golden Girls show is my all time favorite so she knew I would love it and that I did.   Auntie Jo went as Blanche and I went as Dorothy.  She got her "Blanche dress"at Salvation Army! I went as Dorothy and I went to my closet since her style is my style! Auntie Jo has many nice friends and I was able to meet some of them at a happy hour.
While I was gone, Grandpa went to see his son Sean and his family.  They are going to have another baby.  That will be four children in their family.  Someday you will meet  them.  Someday you will meet all your cousins and you have a lot on my side of the family.  You have a lot on your Daddy's side too and they are ready to see you anytime you want.  

I have to sign off now my little Emma Grace.  πŸ˜.  We all love you.  Call us if you can get to a phone.  My number is 703-577-5746
Stay safe, my little one.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Emma Grace, we're still here

Yes, Emma, we are still fighting for your right to be able to see us and for our rights as your Daddy's family.  You're now 9 years old and we have missed the last 19 months of your life because your mother refuses to let us see you.  All your friends that you grew up with miss you too.  Ollie and Alexis are sad they can't see you.  Zan and Taj miss their cousin and all the overnights and fun times you all had.  They pray for you every night. Auntie Jo, Auntie Dama, Zan, Taj and I will be waiting for you when you are able to speak for yourself and you realize what your mother and boyfriend have been doing with your life.  Your cousins come and stay with Grandpa and I in North Carolina and we go fishing, swim in the pool, go to the beach and have fun.  You are missing from our happy family.  We love you so much and hope that you are as happy as you can be.