Saturday, March 27, 2021

Good morning Emma!

 Hi Emma, I am in Naples for a while with Auntie DDe’ the boys. It’s hot here now😳. I didn’t expect the temperatures to be in the 90’s. Grandpa is at home where I will join him in a couple weeks.  Do you realize that we are 20 miles away from where you live?  Crazy that we are so close and we can’t see you.  I still look for you around and about on our adventures and errands.  Will I recognize you?  If you see me, please come up to me.  I haven’t changed much except my hair is certainly more white than last time we saw each other!  

A couple weeks ago, we met up at a restaurant in Punta Gorda with my two sisters and their husbands for lunch. We missed havingAuntie Jo, Grandpa and You.  I’ll send you a picture of all of us.  We are your family waiting for you.  We know it’s not your choice and also know you have been lied to about us and your daddy.  When someone loves another, it is out of love they share and do everything possible to make them happy and fulfilled.  You deserve better in your life and when you realize that all these wonderful people are out in the world waiting for you, you will be surprised. We will be jumping for joy that you are free to make your life better, happier.  The love that waits for you will fill you up.  

Love from afar, your Grammie

Friday, March 5, 2021

Good Morning

 Hi Honey,  it’s Friday, sun is shining and cool this morning.  I am warm and cozy sitting on my couch writing to my favorite girl.  I looked up and saw this reflection on the window shade from our wind chimes outside.  The wind chimes were a gift from Grandpa’s sister after your Daddy died.  The actual chimes have inscribed the verse from Daddy’s prayer card.  So as the sun rises and shines down on this early morning I see a beautiful greeting to start my day.  I gentle “Hi” from up above.  Comforting and reassuring that Daddy is watching and still with us somehow.  

Love you to pieces, Grammie