Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Day after Christmas

Good morning Emma Grace, it is December 26th, the day after Christmas in 2017.  Outside the sun is shining and 39 degrees. Golfers are teeing off from the 3rd tee right outside our window.  Are they crazy 😜.  I am comfortable on my couch 🛋 with my morning readings, fireplace going and coffee in hand.  I hope yesterday was nice for you.  We have our Christmas tree 🎄 right outside our big window in the back so there’s no mess and when we light it up, the reflection of the lights in the window looks like it’s inside the house 🏡.  Auntie DDe, Auntie Jo, Zan and Taj had a fun day with all the presents 🎁 all over the floor playing with them and getting excited about the snow outside the window at Auntie Jo’s.  They’re going to the Mall of America and ride the roller coaster.  I FaceTime with them everyday so I am able to see them even though I am 1200 miles away.
Well, Emma, Grandpa and I love 💕 you to the moon and back.  Be safe my sweet little girl.