Friday, January 29, 2021

Good Morning Emma!

 It’s a chilly 35 degrees outside now, our fountain out front is frozen and the water is trying to eek out of the top with icicles hanging off the edges. Kind of pretty really.  No one is golfing but the sun is shining brightly.  Grandpa went to the store and I’m taking this moment to write to my favorite girl. You’re 13 years old and I’m guessing that your blond hair has darkened some, like your fathers did.  I hope you’re tall and proud of it.  We have a lot of tall family members. Most important is that I’ll bet you are beautiful inside and out.  I can’t wait to see you again.  My friend and neighbor has a 13 year old grandson who loves playing baseball and has even put his own computer together.  Amazing!  So when I see him I think, well Emma is probably that tall and maybe likes similar music and probably interested in her computer and connecting with friends.  This boys name is A.J. and he and his Mom live not far from his grandparents home.  A.J. visits often and hangs out and goes to dinner with his grandparents. During the summer months he stays at their house for a week or two at a time.  A.J. has a dog named Dodger.  They are pals.  I see them walking Dodger around the neighborhood and I should say, Dodger walks them!!

Žan and Taj are doing well with their virtual learning, I guess.  I haven’t seen them in a long time but am planning a trip in March.  Žan is getting so tall and turning into such a nice young man. He is 10 yrs old now.  Taj is 9 yrs old and is a happy kid.  He talks non stop now.  Remember when he said “I did it”?  You and your daddy witnessed the first words out of his mouth!  A huge feat for Taj.  Your daddy was so excited that he called me immediately and tried to have Taj repeat it.  He wouldn’t.  Miss Colleen at Able Academy said that they’re called “miracle words”, and the child cannot repeat it.  It gave us all hope and you were so good with both Taj and Žan.  Kind and tolerant.  Goodness in your soul.  

Miss you sweetpea.  Hope you are happy.  We are here waiting for you. Call me 703-577-5746. I pray for the day when we are reunited.

Love you to the moon and back,


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

For Emma or for those that care about her... enough to help.

 Hi Emma 💗

How are you little lady? 

As always, we miss you terribly and pray for your safety every day. 

Do know that we will one day reunite after these years of alienation that has taken place since the last moment we saw you on July 30th, 2015 just 28 days after your daddy died. 

This is not okay. It is not acceptable. It is not healthy and given the fact that our Foege family was very close, very loving, solid and supportive of all you do, this act of alienation has not served your highest good. 

There may be some stumbling blocks prior to our re-unification, but stay strong and align with truth. 

Be courageous, Emma. We know you are smart. Truth will prevail. 

This message is for you and for anyone that cares to assist you toward the areas of healing your mind, body and heart. I encourage you and those around you to take action on this front. 

I will offer the following idea to pursue if it feels right for you. 

Check out: Valerie's House  

This is an excellent program for children that have lost a loved one. 

They have groups for kids just like you, Emma. 

I believe that you may be in good company. Check out this group

Here are some videos to check out. 

Here are some kids that have also lost their mom or dad, as well. 

Here is the contact information for Valerie's House. They are located in Fort Myers and Naples. 

They may even have a virtual option for you to chime in. 

The website states this:

The mission of Valerie’s House is to help children and families work through the loss of a loved one together and go on to live fulfilling lives.

Main office number: 239-204-5804

As always, I am available and at your service for whatever you need. I am local. Tel. #305-796-8819

Grammie is available. Grandpa is available. Auntie Jo is available. Žan and Taj are ready to see you again, to know you and have their cousin back. We can rally your old friends and make new ones too.

And if this is being read by Lindsey and you need help, I will give 1000% of my attention to help you and Emma to move towards safety. No questions asked. 

Phone me.

Wrapping you with love and protection, Emma Grace.

~Auntie DDé

PS- Here is a funny vid of your cousins... :) & we hope you had a lovely holiday. 🙏