Saturday, September 10, 2022

You are beautiful!

 Hi Emma honey,  Today is Saturday, September 10, 2022.  It’s been 7 years since we’ve seen you.  I wonder how you are, how you’ve grown, your hair, is it long or short, how much you are shown love and understanding, if you remember us, your family.  You are never far from my thoughts and never out of my heart.  We have a bond of blood.  We share DNA and nobody can cancel that.  Being a teenager is tough enough, I remember how confusing it was,  and pray that you are given respect and acknowledgement for being the amazing young lady you are.  You are grounded in being a Foege, regardless of what last name your mother and the man you have to live with have given you.  I know a name can be considered just letters from the alphabet but when you were born your given name was Emma Grace Foege.  You own that name and only you should be able to decide to change it regardless of what your mother did.  Foege is an honorable name and your father worked hard to make other children’s lives better.  He is remembered in the non profit world as someone who did everything he could for children in need. It is a name to be proud of.  He loved you to pieces and you loved him. He was your world and you were his.  Someday we will have a long talk. We can talk and discuss whatever you want and I will tell you the truth.  

As in most child alienation cases such as ours, the people the child has to live with start with bad mouthing the other which confuses the child.  The child eventually begins to believe those lies, falsehoods.  It’s called brain washing.  They change all memories of fun and goodness and turn them into awful lies, talking badly about the other.  Why?  I think they are afraid and in all cases, want to hurt the other.  Why they put the child in the middle to suffer I will never know.  I question if they can love anyone at all.  You will eventually know what has happened in years since you were taken out of our lives.  Everything and all lives are repairable.  We can heal and you can heal from hurts and things that have happened.  

We want you to be a happy young girl with choices and ability to make your own decisions.  We will love you as we do Žan and Taj.  They miss you.  We miss you.  Life is good over here and you deserve to be part of it.  

I remain your Grammie forever.