Thursday, June 9, 2022

Good Morning Emma!

 Hi honey,  hope you are enjoying your first few days out of school and getting ready for your well deserved vacation.  What are you planning to do?  Any travel in the future for you?  Remember we are not far and would love to see you.  We are always concerned about you and pray for your safety and welfare.  Just remember that you, Emma, have a voice so use it. If you are surrounded by controlling people and negativity, rise above it and think about when you will beyond their control. You are loved from afar and I ask God to protect you during this time.  Please don’t think that being kept from loving family is normal.  It is control and hateful. 

 You are a beautiful person and a sweet soul. You have a divine purpose.  Divine is an awesome word and please don’t be intimidated by it.  If you ask God to help you, He will.  He loves you beyond anything you can imagine. I know you can’t see Him but He’s there, with you, ready to help. 

I believe that we are tested during our lifetime with circumstances out of our control.  I also believe they form us into stronger and courageous people.  You are needed and so worthy of complete happiness.  You will complete our family once again when you are able to come back to us.  We are no different than when you knew us.  If you are told bad things about us, it is another control effort. They want you to hate us but I know you know better.  You deserve to be happy, have a voice, to be recognized for who you are which is a beautiful young lady.  

If you are unable to read our posts now, someday you will and you’ll know the love that waits for you.  

We remain loyal to you my sweet Emma Grace and please don’t ever forget the fun times and unconditional love our family has for you.