Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Merry Christmas, Emma! And Happy 2021!

This photo is of Zan, Taj, and you at Christmas time in 2012...a long time ago!

We are always, always thinking about you and praying for us to be reunited. Dream BIG! I know you will reach your goals.


Auntie Jo

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

PSALM 123: for Emma Grace

 PSALM 123:

To you I lift up my eyes,
to you whose throne is in heaven.

As the eyes of servants look
to the hand of the master,
as the eyes of maids look
to the hand of their mistress,
so our eyes look to the Lord our God,
till he shows us his mercy.

Have mercy on us, O Lord,
have mercy on us,
for we have our fill of contempt.
Too long have our souls been filled
with the scorn of the arrogant,
with the ridicule of the insolent.

...for you #EmmaGraceFoege and little lady, you will always be a *Foege*. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Here is my phone number for Emma, Lindsey or anyone that will help, in any way, to set Emma and her mom free.

Thank you.

Please use it.


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Yes, this is you! Cute and happy


It’s Halloween 2020

 Hi Emma Grace, what are you doing today for Halloween?  I wonder if you have a costume or maybe spending the night with a friend.  It’s been so long since we’ve seen you.  I picture you tall and beautiful now.  I’ll bet you look like your dad, Todd.  You always did.  I’ll bet you are still grounded in love that he and our family instilled in you.  I bet also you are confused about the years since your daddy passed away from a heart attack.  Where did we go, why all your friends from your old house and school are no longer around you.  Why you probably don’t get the letters and postcards we send to you.  Why your last name has changed from Foege to Faunce.  Why have they erased everything from the fun, love filled days with your Daddy, Grammie, Grandpa, Auntie DDe’, Auntie Jo, Žan and Taj?  Why you can’t spend time with all of us?  Why have they kept everyone that you loved and knew away from you.  We have tried, believe me, we have tried.   Your Mom and her boyfriend Scott have controlled you and isolated you.  This treatment of emotional and psychological isolation is called child abuse.  Very clearly they hope to change your life with control and fear.  It is up to you to not let that happen.  You are strong and kind.  Mind control and alienation from family members is wrong.  Protect yourself from them and anyone who hits you or makes you afraid.  

I want you to know that right now they have hired a lawyer to get the money your daddy left for you.  They want this for themselves, not for you.  Your daddy trusted Auntie Jo with that responsibility because he knew your Mom couldn’t handle that responsibility.  She can’t be trusted and neither can Scott.  They want to take that money away from you.  We have it a very safe place so don’t worry about it.  This is the last gift your daddy left for you, only for your benefit, not anyone else.  

Remember all the other things you asked me to save for you from daddy’s house?  Well I have all of it.  Waiting for you.  Also do you remember the promise I made you when you turned 10 years old?  I will fulfill that promise one day.  When you are free and able to make your own decisions.  

Most important is that you remember we love you and are waiting for you.  Don’t be anxious or nervous. You are strong and smart and will get out of this mess where you are now.  

Be brave and have a strong mind, my sweet girl.  Do what’s right and protect yourself.  I hope your schooling hasn’t suffered.  You always loved school and did so well.  

As you can tell, I am very worried about you and want you to be able to see us and visit with you and have you come here and stay with us like you used to.  I want for you to be able to see and know your Aunties and cousins once again.  Like you used to.  When we were all together and had holidays and go places, well that is normal family fun.  Do you ride horses anymore, ballet, soccer, piano or another instrument?  I know it’s pandemic time but those are regular activities a young girl should be involved in if she wants.  When your daddy died, a check for roughly $1650.00 is sent for you every month.  Your mother cashes that and is responsible for putting that money towards your needs and wants.  Not hers, not Scott’s.  

My sweet Emma, call me or text me at 703.577.5746 or call Grandpa at 703.606.5877.  We can be there for you.  Auntie DDe’ doesn’t live far from you.  

Well it’s amazing, trick or treaters are coming to the door. Have to go. Love you to the moon and beyond and back.  Your Grammie

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Birthday gal is 13!

 Happy Birthday, Emma Grace! You're a teenager! WOW! I hope you have so much fun! 

Here's a photo of Zan, Taj, you, and me in Uncle Jon and Aunt Carmen's backyard! And a photo of you and your dad playing around at bath time as usual! There were always a ridiculous amount of bubbles and lots of splashing! :)

Love always, Auntie Jo

Happy 13th Birthday 🎁❤️🎂

Happy Birthday 🎂 

 Happy Birthday Emma Grace.  Can’t believe you are 13 years old.  Probably very grown up.  I wanted to include some pictures from one of your birthdays.  Your father had a party for you at the Botanical Gardens.  All your friends came with their parents.  That’s you and I resting at the party.  You were so little.  We miss sharing these types of events with you honey and we’re still waiting for you.  We haven’t abandoned you.  No matter what you’ve been told, you are loved by your daddy’s family and by so many others that have been shut out of your life too.  Stay strong sweetie and I love you.  Grammie ❤️

Just for laughs I threw in a picture of your cousins having fun in my bathtub with the jets on! I have a picture of the three of you having a bubble party at your house when you were younger that sits on a shelf.  

Saturday, September 26, 2020


 Hi there little lady, 

It is your B -Day week! 

Happy Birthday! 

May all your dreams come true! 

We love you mucho and look forward to the day we get to play!

Žan's are the two on top, Taj's are below his. These are not recent pieces of art. 

Aren't they fun though?

I know you are such an artistic, intelligent, spirited gal.

May the time come soon- very soon, where we can create art together again.

May you be protected and guided always,

Love, Auntie DDé


Friday, August 28, 2020

August 28th, 2020


Hey there little lady, the boys and I are sending you best wishes for your first day of school.

Not quite sure what your school situation is this year. 

I'll assume you are home schooling as that 
seems to be the trend these days. 

Sending lots of love,
Auntie DDé, Žan, Taj 
tel. 305-796-8819

Sunday, August 16, 2020

August 16, 2020 - Round #3 for birthday fun!

Hi Emma G! We are going to a beach resort to celebrate Zan and Taj's birthdays and wish you were here to have fun with us! We are meeting a few of their friends, too. You are part of the crew and there's always a piece missing when you aren't around. It is not fair that you are missing all the fun and love and gifts we have to share. We will see you soon though...I know you are in touch with your heart and understand the truth. You are smart, not only in school but in your heart, too. Sometimes these very tough things that happen in people's lives make us more compassionate, savvy, and intuitive -- and I bet you are very compassionate, savvy, and intuitive! When you are able to call or text one of us, we are always ready to hear from you. 

Zan is now 10 and Taj is 9! They went to Legoland with their dad for their birthdays and to a mountain resort in North Carolina with their mom. They are getting taller and are doing well in school. They ask about you often. They ask where you are and why you can't play with us. We all miss you! Your birthday is coming up and I hope you have so much fun :)


Auntie Jo


Hey lady love,

Every once in a while there are songs that play on the radio that make me think of you. Do you remember when I made the promise to you that I would teach you how to dance? Well, that promise still stands. Choreography for you and your friends! 

Sometimes it is a long and windy road to the truth. We are confident that you are well aware of the truth. 

May we all be together again... sending you beauty and love, the truth and so much strength. 

Phone any one of us. I'm local ~> tel. 305-796-8819 

Blessings, Auntie DDé 💗

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Summer at Home here in Ocean Isle

There’s always room for more love Emma.  Miss you and Love you 😍 

Happy Times

Hi Emma, It’s a hot day here in Ocean Isle and I’ve been wondering what you’re going to do about school this coming year.  School teachers and administrators are working hard to make it safe for students to return to the classroom and I like that you have the opportunity to stay at home and take classes there as well.  Missing being with your friends in a way you were used to might be tough but all this will come to an end.  We have to be patient.  Have you been doing much reading this summer?  Reading a good book is a wonderful escape from reality sometimes. The pandemic has certainly changed everyone’s lives and hope it hasn’t been too difficult for you.  I wish I could make things better for you honey.  It is my dream.  Taj and Žan are 9 and 10 years old and happy kids.  Remember,  Don’t be afraid to reach out to an adult you trust to help you if you have to. We miss you and love you.  Your Grammie 703-577-5746.  


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sunday at Home

 Good morning honey,

I wanted to share my view this morning as Grandpa and I sit on our porch.  So much has happened this past week with our Hurricane in Ocean Isle and all.  We are fine and had no permanent damage and our clean up is pretty much done.  Other families were not as lucky so we’ve been blessed. When something bad happens like this, we deal with it, clean up the remnants of the damage and move forward.  I wish I could see what you’re looking at now.  I hope it’s nice and makes you happy.  Love you so much, Grammie 

#emmagrace, #emma, #findmygrammie, #EG, #isolatedchild, 

#familycourtfailsemmagracefoege, #fldcffailsyetanotherchild. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Good Morning!

Just sending you lots of love 💗.  Wish you were here.  Driving up to Wilmington today to get our car serviced.  While it’s being fixed Grandpa and I plan to walk over to Bitty and Beau’s, a coffee shop operated by people with disabilities.  They do a great job and we like to support their efforts.
Take care and love you 😍 with every bone in my body.  I love all my grandchildren to the moon and back.  You are all precious to me.  Well bye for now, Grammie 703-577-5746

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Looking at old photos

Hi Honey,
Do you remember when this photo was taken?  I drove down to Naples for a couple weeks and we were together at Auntie DDe’s house.  Žan was like out of control excited that you were there to play so you leaned over, got face to face with him and settled him down so he played nicely.  They just love you to pieces, little girl. Someday they will get to know you again and you can hang out together.  
When I look at this picture, my heart is happy and sad because we can’t have fun times anymore but I have a great memory and I live on that.  I think of you everyday and pray that you are safe.  I have so much to ask you about......your friends and what they’re like, your favorite food, where you go to school, the sport you like best, your best subject in school, your favorite teacher, your favorite color, do you play an instrument and on and on.  You talk and I’ll listen!!
Well, it’s late now and I’m tired so I’ll bid you a good night sweetie. 
Love you to the moon and back.....Grammie (703.577..5746)

Friday, July 24, 2020

Grammie and the boys

Hi there Emma G!
I just came across these fun images of Grammie and boys and thought to share. 
We are always wondering how you are and keeping you close in our hearts with prayers of protection.

May we all play together again!
Sending love, Auntie DDé

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

We missed you playing in the ocean!

Hi Emma G!

Auntie DDe and the boys went to Grammie and Grandpa's for two I went too for a little while! We played in the pool and Taj nearly killed Grandpa with his golf cart driving! They ran off the road -- Grandpa didn't care but Grammie did! We played in the ocean one day. Zan and Taj are becoming better swimmers, more confident in their skills. They were boogie boarding for hours. We missed you. A lot. We will have fun again someday! Call or text anytime. Really, anytime. 510.374.8442

Auntie Jo

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Summertime! July 2020

Auntie Jo, Grandpa and Taj playing in the Atlantic Ocean. 

We will all play again, Emma Grace! 💓

Hey there little lady!

For the past two weeks, the boys and I were visiting Grammie and Grandpa in NC. Auntie Jo flew in, as well, for a long weekend. You may have been far in miles, but you were there with us in spirit, in our thoughts, and in our hearts. 💕

This photo of you was in my direct view daily from all angles in the room we stayed.
Do you remember when this was taken? We have a few of these beautiful shots of you. 
Grammie, Auntie Jo and I have them on our walls showcased perfectly.

I have lain in bed many of sleepless nights over the past five years wondering about and praying for your safety. With every fiber of my being, I visualize and have every intention in seeing that you have everything that you need for a beautiful life, EG. Plenty of fun and friends, nutritious food, peaceful moments, lots of music, excellent education and family is how I foresee your days spent. When your daddy passed on, I realized just how precious life truly is and you are worthy of every precious tid bit life offers.

May you be blessed and protected always. 
You are a beautiful, intelligent and strong girl!
With love, Auntie DDé, Žan, Taj 💟

Friday, July 17, 2020

Hi Sweetpea

Emma Grace, we missed your presence the past two weeks because we were all together here at the house.  Auntie DDe’, Auntie Jo, Žan, Taj, Grandpa and I went to the beach, the pool and played.  Missing was your daddy and you.  Now we know your daddy is safe and okay in Heaven but we needed you here to make our family complete once again.  I hope that happens soon.  We can love and protect you while your mother gets medical help.  I think you know she needs it.
I have lots of wishes and prayers for my grandchildren.  One of them is a happy life, another is to be well adjusted to life around you and to serve others in need, to bloom like a beautiful flower with friends around you that you will remember forever.  I wish you to be successful in whatever you do in life.  We will always have some problems but that’s what loving families do.  We help each other through it.  I can’t wait to sit down and talk to you, to hear your voice once again and answer any questions you have.  I will always be honest with you.  I’ve always been! Keep yourself safe and don’t let anyone bully you.  You are strong, you are good and you are loved by your Daddy’s family.
We’re waiting for you!
Love you to the moon and back,  your Grammie 703-577-5746.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Birthday Boy

This is your daddy.  He was so devoted to you so throw him a kiss every time you see his picture say “I love you Daddy”
Your Grammie

Happy Birthday Daddy

Emma Grace, your daddy would have turned 43 years old. He was born on July 8, 1977 and what a cute baby he was. He grew up to be a wonderful father and helped so many people.  He will always stay young because where he is now, I know he is healthy and happy.  He is also very concerned about you.  We all are and I think you know why so don’t be afraid to speak up.  Go to an adult that you know you can trust.  Not your Mom or Scott.  We love you and want only the very best for you.  You have a bright future Emma Grace.  What your daddy left you is yours, not anyone else’s.
Love you Emma, Your loving Grammie. (703)577-5746.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Holy Cow, it’s already June 30th

Hi Sweetie,
Hope you are doing okay during this pandemic, no school and uncertain plans.  Grandpa and I are “holeing” up at our house and following the rules of masking and distancing etc. but good news!  Auntie DDe’, Žan and Taj are coming up to stay for a while.  Auntie Jo will come another time.  It’s soooo hot here but I’ll bet it’s hotter there in Naples.  Kind of hard to go outside and enjoy the outdoors when it’s soooo hot 🥵.  Our pool is open and of course our beach is too but haven’t been to either so far.  Playing it safe.  We did decide to participate in the Annual July 4th parade here at Bricklanding Plantation.  We will decorate the golf cart in its red, white and blue like you and I did one year.  I’ve added a few more decorations so it should be fun and after that we have a small “distanced” party at the pool.  It’s been under renovation so I’m anxious to see it.  After all these years I have taken lots of pictures of people, places and special times.  I spent a full three days this past week going through all those I kept through our move down here.  You are in so many of them.  We remember you as a 7 year old beauty.  We are unable to see you, you are kept away from us for no good reason.  We would like to spend time with you but have to remember those times with pictures. We just enjoy what we have until you have a voice in your life situation and seek us out.  We are all here...waiting.  We’ll be okay but not complete until you come back to the family.  Our family remains loving and very concerned about your unhealthy and unsafe living situation.  We’re not going anywhere honey.  You call and I’m there to help you. We’re all here.  Auntie DDe’, Auntie Jo, the boys, Grandpa and me.  We’re all waiting for you.  We pray for you everyday...for your health, happiness and safety.
You are loved sweetpea!  To the moon and back.                     Grammie. 703-577-5746 (cell)

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hi Emma G! Do you remember this dress? Cute cherries all over. I bought it for you just because I thought you'd look nice in it...and you did!!

Feel free to text or call anytime! We are ALWAYS thinking about you. Here's my number: 510.374.8442 :)

Auntie Jo

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Happy Father's Day 2020

Hello Emma Grace! 
I pray that by the time you are able to read through these posts you are feeling free and healthy and thriving. It is summertime! 
This is always my prayer. We have so much to share in the days and years ahead. Looking forward to reuniting because it has been five years of estrangement. That is a long time. Too long. 
I love these pics of you and your daddy! 
I'll touch in again, EG. 
I have to get the boys from gymnastics then off to the beach with friends. 
Have a blessed beautiful day, little lady. Stay strong. Orient toward truth. 
We all love you, Auntie DDe' 

Friday, June 12, 2020

June 12, 2020

Hey Little Lady,

How's it going today?
Do you remember your camp days at Naples Therapeutic Riding Center?
We have some darling photos of you enjoying horseback riding. 
Taj has been going there for the past few years. Zan loved the summer program. 
We think about you when we are there because your daddy was the one that introduced us to this fabulous organization. Ms. Missy still works there. We all send you love! 

Your cousins and I... and Grammie and Grandpa and Auntie Jo and all your old friends and paternal family love and miss you, Emma! We look forward to reuniting which will happen soon! 
Have a blessed and very safe day! BE STRONG - SPEAK UP -
Love, Auntie DDé

Monday, June 8, 2020

Prayers of Protection

Hey there little lady,
One day Taj and I lit candles for you at St. Williams. 
St. Williams is on Seagate Drive across from your old school.
Do you remember this church, Emma?
I thought I would share one of the many times we've lit candles for your safety, protection and clarity as you navigate these days.
Check this link:
Have a gorgeous day!
Be safe and stay strong!
Soon, we will reunite because that is what is right.
xo, Auntie DDé

A Video for you, EG - xo

Hi Emma!
I wanted to make sure you had access to this video that was played at your daddy's Celebration of Life.  Below is the excerpt that accompanies the video. I wrote it back in 2015. 

Celebrating the life of Todd Foege July 8, 1977- July 2, 2015
Dear family and friends of Todd Foege,
This video was created for his memorial service held in Naples, Florida on July 12, 2015.  It was woven between the different friends and family who shared eloquently from their hearts. Our family is forever grateful for all the love and support we have received. He will be missed, beyond words. Please keep his daughter, Emma Grace in your thoughts and prayers as her healing journey has just begun. It takes a village.. She is a bright, sensitive little girl with her entire life before her to wield magic and come into her power and purpose. The apple does not fall too far from the tree. 

These images and snippets of iphone vids were compiled from many sources and the movie was created quickly during a shocking and emotional week for all of us. Please excuse the quality of some of the images and any discrepancies.. 
Forgive fully, love deeply... Life is Precious. 
Rest in Peace brother,
-Naples Daily News-
We love you Emma! 
We have always been here and will always be there for you no matter what!
xoxox, Auntie DDé and the boys

Todd Foege. Your daddy loves you, Emma Grace.

Your daddy visiting Auntie Jo in snowy winterland. 

Your daddy when he was super young. Cute, huh?

Look at you two! How adorable! Do you remember this, Emma?

Here is a link to your daddy's memorial page. I know it may be sad to read, but I want to make sure you have all information regarding your daddy. 

Here is another link to an article written about your daddy. You and the boys are in this one! 
He was a very good man and an excellent father to you. 

It is time to Reunite, little lady!

Always with love,
Auntie DDé and the boys

Hey Little Lady!

It has been 1,774 days since we have seen you at the end of your dad's driveway on July 30th, 2015. It was just days after he passed and then your mom and Scott picked you up. You called us from the car right after they picked you up and we haven't heard from you since. You were 7 years old. 

I have much to share with you, but I will begin with this:
  • You are eternally loved and supported by all of your dad's family. We have never left and we are never going away. We are doing all we can to protect you. 
  • You will always, 100% of the time, hear the truth from me. I vow to always be truthful with you.
  • You will always be a Foege. It is your DNA, no matter what. Todd Foege is your father forever and your only father. 
  • We will reunite because we are family. We raised you. You are beautiful inside and out. You are smart and come from a stable, loving family. That is a fact. 
  • Lastly, for now, you will not be alienated forever from your family. You have free will. We will get this sorted out. Pray for clarity and freedom, Emma. Family is family. Estrangement is wrong. Reunification will be. Contact me, as soon as possible. Friends of Emma, please contact me. You'll want to know a few things. 
  • We pray for your safety and protection always. Many pray for your protection. You are surrounded with prayers. 
I will post again soon, Emma Grace. Here are some pics of your cousins and I. The boys can't wait to hang out again too. Five years being isolated from your cousins and rest of us is way too long. You all were raised as siblings for 5 years. Soon to reunite! You have free will, Emma Grace. Be safe. Be strong.

We love ya, little lady! 
xoxo, Auntie DDé

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hey Sunshine

                                   Look what I found in an album I put together a long time ago.
Love ya to the moon and back, your Grammie 703-577-5746

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Good Morning Sunshine

Hi Emma,
Just a quick hello and hope you have a great day!  Love you sweetpea!   Your Grammie,      703-577-5746