Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Angels surround you, Emma Grace

This is what I know to be true. 

I know that the Universe never sleeps. I know that God has "got your back" and that the law of "cause and effect" is truth. I know that your daddy is watching over you with a protective fatherly eye and that things happen in miraculous ways, Emma. 

What seem to be strange twists and turns in the road, lead to the places you design for yourself. Visualize happiness, see yourself in a safe, loving environment. Picture it in detail and have faith. Believe it. 

You are worthy of a beautiful life with everything and everyone your heart desires. 

You must be learning so much right now. These past years we've been alienated from each other will not go to waste. Gather your wisdom bits and carry forward. Stay strong and you will prevail. 

We love you forever. Always have and will every moment of your life. Until again, Auntie DDé