Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Emma Grace!
Love is in the air.  Grandpa got me a nice card and delicious candy.  He called Aintie Jo and Auntie D’De to wish them a great day.  He would have called you but we don’t know your number. All the girls in our family get something special today.  Hope you had a lovey day too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February in Ocean I

Good Morning my dear granddaughter,
The chilly weather is nice so we all can wear our sweaters and jackets if we want.  It’s another part of the closet to visit! I hope you are good and happy and enjoying school.  As you get older, sometimes there are more challenges in the classroom and in your social groups.  I can remember when I was your age, my best friend was Patricia McBride and she had one sister, Nancy.  Their mother was always so understanding and kind.  My Mom was too but I never felt like the “the only one” in the room with my Mom because all my brothers and sisters were there and with their friends.  I liked both houses...Patricia’s because of the individual attention I got and mine because I was never without someone to play with and because it was my “home”.  Very important to know where you belong.  I was #2 of 7 kids and my grandmother lived with us.  My parents had great respect for her as she was a quiet lady but we all knew she loved us so much.  She tended to her garden and loved her beautiful lilacs and peonies.  She was widowed at a young age and without any government assistance like there is today, she had to make money for her family.  My mother dropped out of school so she could help with the financial obligations.  Well it all worked out. When Gram was older but not too old she got to travel with a wealthy family and took care of their children.  They all became like family.  They even gave us a dog named Eric.  He was a boxer who drooled a lot.  He was so kind to people and to us kids but he sure didn’t like cats. It was before all dogs had to be on a leash.  Gram left me with some beautiful memories and I feel so lucky.  She never smoked or drank alcohol but didn’t judge anyone who did.  In fact, I never heard her say anything bad about anyone.  Ever!
Well, my sweet little girl 👧, I bid you goodbye for today and until I sit myself down again to write to you.  I hope you are bringing happiness to people around you and kindness to all.  Your daddy is always with you whether you see him or not.  He is there.

You are loved from afar,  Grammie