Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Summer is almost over

Good Morning Emma Grace,
How are you doing? If you are still in Naples, then I know that school has started for you.  I’m sure you’re growing up to be a beautiful young lady.  Is your hair long or short now?  Blond or brown?  Your daddy’s hair got darker as he got older so I’ll bet yours is too.  Grandpa and I just got back from a mini vacation in the outer banks of NC.  We went to visit Grandpa’s daughter Kim and her family in Frisco.  A quiet town on a narrow part of the island.  We woke up every day to the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean. Kim and her husband Don have two children and they are close in age to you.  They were born 6 months after you and going into the fifth grade.  I really enjoyed walking on the beach with them, choosing just the right sea shells for their collection.  We were curious why some shells were different colors and shapes so when we got back, we “googled” it and that made our adventure even better.  Zan and I went sea shell hunting on our beach this summer too.  We made a sea shell frame with them.  Zan is really into erecting structures out of those small legos.  I’ll bet you’d have more in common with Zan now that he is older. You always were so good to both Zan and Taj so the age difference probably doesn’t matter anyway.  Taj has entered primary level now and doing better.  Progress is slow but he is a delight and he loves his cars!  Grandpa and I are planting gardenia bushes today.  It is so humid here.  Much like in Naples.  Looking forward to some dryer cooler weather.
Well, my sweet little girl, I will bid you farewell for now.  Be good, be careful and remember Grammie loves to the moon and back.