Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hi Emma,  it’s fall and our weather is cool and refreshing.  Grandpa and I just got back from traveling into the Midwest.  Grandpa’s older sister passed away so we went to the funeral and spent some time with his family.  Joy was 89 years old and had been sick and gradually declining in health.  She was a wonderful person and I loved her very much.  We then visited Auntie Jo.  We enjoyed seeing all the trees rich in their reds, oranges and yellows.  We don’t have that by the beach here in North Carolina!  We had fun in Minnesota.  We were busy seeing the sights and having fun. After visiting the Midwest we went to Virginia for the birth of another cousin of yours.  Yes, a little girl was born October 26th. They are all waiting to meet you someday.
We’re enjoying being retired because we can make our own schedules.  I’m in Naples with Auntie D’De, Zan and Taj much more now that I don’t have to get up and go to work everyday.  Wish your mother would let you see us because we would have fun. We go places and have fun together.  We are patient and we will all be here when the time comes for you to return to your Daddy’s family.  Meanwhile stay safe my sweet little girl.  Love you lots. 😍
Your Grammie