Thursday, September 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Emma Grace

Good Morning Emma!
I hope you have a very, very happy birthday with fun and kindness.  You are 11years old today And I wish only happiness and fulfillment for you.  I haven’t seen you since you were six so I’ll bet you are beautifully tall and gorgeous.  Remember to always walk with your shoulders back like you were shown in yoga when your were little.  What are your favorites now? Food, color, subject in school, friends, sport, holiday...etc. 
We’re in Northern Virginia now staying with Grandpa’s son and family.  They have four children ages 8,7,3 and 11 months.  Busy, busy around here. This month grandpa and I have had to evacuate our home in North Carolina because Hurricane Florence was heading right for our beach. So we went to a beautiful little town inland. There were six adults, four dogs and a parrot in the same home and then we lost power there due to the hurricane wind and rain.  We had lots of fun conversations while we waited for the storm to pass. We had a generator so we were okay.  Five days later we drove home through flooded towns.  We saw homes that looked like islands because the water was up to their front door.  I felt so bad for them. People were there to help them too.  When we got home, Mr. Buddy, our next door neighbor, had lots of water damage to his house and lots of people are helping him rebuild his house.  We didn’t have any damage to our home so we feel blessed.
Auntie Jo flew down to see Taj and Zan and Auntie DDe. I drive down to Naples often and feel sad I can’t see you. Maybe your Mom will change her mind someday.  We’ll see.  
Well, my sweet granddaughter, have a super day and Grammie loves you to the moon and back!