Friday, July 13, 2018

Dear Emma,
I have not seen you since Uncle T died.  How is your school? Is it fun? Does it have two snacks, lunch, recess, math, fine arts, language arts, history, science, French, chess, lego club, reading? I go to Mason Classical Academy and it is close to your school.  I bet you haven’t used a weed wacker.  I learned how to use it at Grammies and Grandpas.  I will teach you how to drive the golf cart.  I learned how to use the rider mower too.  I will teach you how to fish. I caught a yellow poisonous puffer fish with Grandpa and we brought it back to show Grammie and Taj then threw it back into the pond behind Mr. Buddy’s house.  The Christmas at Auntie Jo’s was so fun.  I got a present as big as my arms and Taj got a big present but smaller than mine.  We went sledding too but couldn’t stay out too long because it was too cold.  Every five minutes we had to go back into the car to get warm.  The hill was so big I jumped over a little ditch.  We went to a different hill before we went to the big hill and I hit a little pile of snow and it went into my shirt and my face.  I just finished 2nd grade and going into 3rd grade. Uncle john and aunt Carmen’s house is so big you wouldn’t even believe it.  They have two dogs and I get to swim in the pool.  Their driveway is really long.  They have a beautiful garden.
Your cousin, Žan