Sunday, February 27, 2022

Hi Emma

💗💓 Hi Honey,

How are you? Good I pray. It's a bit rainy and cold today but that's okay.  After all, it is winter here.  I spent the day inside doing stuff and keeping myself busy. Unlike Naples, we have colder weather sometimes.  We get our sweaters out and warmer clothes and enjoy the few days.  Won't be long before the warm temperatures are here and they seem to last longer every year.  I"ll be going back to Naples in the next couple months.  So many cars down there now though.  I guess everyone wants to live in Florida it seems these days because people have more freedom there during these pandemic and fear driven times.  I hope you enjoy these pictures I found on my computer.  I hope you always remember how much we love and miss you and someday, we will reunite as a family.  The family of your father that is loving and caring and honest! I promise.  I look forward to listening to your voice and telling me what your life has been like in the years since Daddy died and we have been separated. He loved you unconditionally beyond belief and everyone knew it because he brought you everywhere.  It was always Todd and Emma!! Must go now and get dinner on the table.  Love you my sweetpea.




Sunday, February 13, 2022

Beautiful memories of daddy & Emma Grace Foege

Video may be viewed here:

(This compilation was pulled together quickly in 2015, 
thus the resolution of some of the images and video may be fuzzy.) 

May the allegiance of Angels protect Emma Grace every moment of every day.


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Free of fear

 Emma Grace Foege

“Fearlessness is also an essential prerequisite for attaining enlightenment. Great are those who are always fearless. To be completely free from all fears is one step on the path of enlightenment.”
— Swami Rama