Sunday, October 23, 2022

3 miles to Disney for your birthday!

Hi Emma G - I found one of the photos from our Disney trip in Sept. 2011 for your birthday :) We were 3 miles away from the entrance and I turned around from the passenger side of your dad's Chevy Tahoe and snapped this photo. Obviously excited! I bet if I went through your dad's photos, which one day you will have, I'd find a ton of photos from that fun weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Hi Honey

 I know your birthday has come and gone and you are 15years old.  Hope it was happy!  So much time, so many stories, so many changes in our lives.  I hope they’ve been good for you.  Grandpa and I have been traveling recently and everywhere we go, our family and friends ask about you.  We are ALL waiting for you to come back to us. To care about, to love in person, to talk to you and ask you what you’ve been doing for these long years since you were cruelly taken from us.  I think we’ll all be surprised when we see each other.  We’ve all changed.  That’s life!  All good.   Love always, Grammie (703)577-5746

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Emma! I hope you had an amazing birthday on the 27th! 15! Will you get your Learner's Permit? It's exciting to drive :) I remember when your dad would quiz you on your birth date -- even at 3 years old you knew it. We also surprised you one year by going to Disney World, just your dad, you, and me. You got a pink Mickey Mouse hat and all sorts of fun gifts. And your dad had a cake sent to the hotel room and we sang happy birthday to you there. It was so fun. When I find photos, I will share them.

I hope you are well after the hurricane. That was a big one!

We are always thinking about you and wishing for your safety and happiness. Your dad loved you with every morsel of his heart and soul and I know he would want to be here with you. Everyone in Naples in the educational non-profit community that saw you grow up, that watched you color in coloring books in your dad's office, that gave you high-fives when you went to events with your dad, and genuinely loved seeing you, is wishing the best for you. You two were always together -- like glue. Know that you were and will always be super loved.