Saturday, October 31, 2020

Yes, this is you! Cute and happy


It’s Halloween 2020

 Hi Emma Grace, what are you doing today for Halloween?  I wonder if you have a costume or maybe spending the night with a friend.  It’s been so long since we’ve seen you.  I picture you tall and beautiful now.  I’ll bet you look like your dad, Todd.  You always did.  I’ll bet you are still grounded in love that he and our family instilled in you.  I bet also you are confused about the years since your daddy passed away from a heart attack.  Where did we go, why all your friends from your old house and school are no longer around you.  Why you probably don’t get the letters and postcards we send to you.  Why your last name has changed from Foege to Faunce.  Why have they erased everything from the fun, love filled days with your Daddy, Grammie, Grandpa, Auntie DDe’, Auntie Jo, Žan and Taj?  Why you can’t spend time with all of us?  Why have they kept everyone that you loved and knew away from you.  We have tried, believe me, we have tried.   Your Mom and her boyfriend Scott have controlled you and isolated you.  This treatment of emotional and psychological isolation is called child abuse.  Very clearly they hope to change your life with control and fear.  It is up to you to not let that happen.  You are strong and kind.  Mind control and alienation from family members is wrong.  Protect yourself from them and anyone who hits you or makes you afraid.  

I want you to know that right now they have hired a lawyer to get the money your daddy left for you.  They want this for themselves, not for you.  Your daddy trusted Auntie Jo with that responsibility because he knew your Mom couldn’t handle that responsibility.  She can’t be trusted and neither can Scott.  They want to take that money away from you.  We have it a very safe place so don’t worry about it.  This is the last gift your daddy left for you, only for your benefit, not anyone else.  

Remember all the other things you asked me to save for you from daddy’s house?  Well I have all of it.  Waiting for you.  Also do you remember the promise I made you when you turned 10 years old?  I will fulfill that promise one day.  When you are free and able to make your own decisions.  

Most important is that you remember we love you and are waiting for you.  Don’t be anxious or nervous. You are strong and smart and will get out of this mess where you are now.  

Be brave and have a strong mind, my sweet girl.  Do what’s right and protect yourself.  I hope your schooling hasn’t suffered.  You always loved school and did so well.  

As you can tell, I am very worried about you and want you to be able to see us and visit with you and have you come here and stay with us like you used to.  I want for you to be able to see and know your Aunties and cousins once again.  Like you used to.  When we were all together and had holidays and go places, well that is normal family fun.  Do you ride horses anymore, ballet, soccer, piano or another instrument?  I know it’s pandemic time but those are regular activities a young girl should be involved in if she wants.  When your daddy died, a check for roughly $1650.00 is sent for you every month.  Your mother cashes that and is responsible for putting that money towards your needs and wants.  Not hers, not Scott’s.  

My sweet Emma, call me or text me at 703.577.5746 or call Grandpa at 703.606.5877.  We can be there for you.  Auntie DDe’ doesn’t live far from you.  

Well it’s amazing, trick or treaters are coming to the door. Have to go. Love you to the moon and beyond and back.  Your Grammie