Friday, October 29, 2021

Fall of 2021

 Hi Emma!  

Today is October 29th, the wind is howling outside as the cooler air is rushing into our area here at the beach.  It’s nice to put warmer clothes on for a change because our summer was hot.  Relentlessly hot!  Much like Naples.  I will be in Naples once again and looking forward to being with Auntie Jo, Auntie DDe’, Žan and Taj.  Žan is getting so tall now and likes his school and he does well in his studies.  Likes math the best, I think.  If you asked him he’d probably say, he likes recess and lunch the best!  For him, I think math makes sense but boy, I remember math for me was difficult.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around all of the equations and geometric angles!  What subject do you enjoy the best?  I also remember in college taking organic chemistry and I pulled through because I had to.  It was required for my mortuary science degree.  School is so different these days but the basics are always the best.  I’ll bet you have good friends because when you were little and when you were very much a part of our lives, you were always anxious to play with your little friends and when you came here one time for July 4th, you had a wonderful time with the kids on the other side of the 3rd tee from us.  One of the girls name was Emma too!  I have pictures to remind you in case you’ve forgotten.  When you come back to us.  

Well, our pumpkin is out and all our Halloween decorations are up.  Wish you were here to help me decorate.  I’m sure you’d have great ideas!  Now that you’re 14 years old, do you Halloween parties or even dress up anymore?  It’s so fun.  Grandpa’s daughter Kim dressed up as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and her husband was the scarecrow. There should always be time to have fun and I want lots of those days  for us. If you need anything financially as well, you know your daddy made sure you would be taken care of.  Like braces or summer camp or travel or whatever!  You can ask us for anything, honey!  Your daddy didn’t want to leave you but God called him home.  He watches over you because he said you were the most perfect and beautiful thing he ever made.  He was crazy about you and always treated you with respect.  I’m sure he’s trying to help your mother in his own way. Must go now. Remember we are always here and waiting for you to contact us.  My number is 703.577.5746.

Love you to pieces,