Friday, December 6, 2019

Phone Me

I almost forgot!  If you can get to a phone please call me, 703-577-5746.  Borrow a phone when you go a friends house or something. Love ya sweet pea.   Grammie

I’m always here for you, Emma

Good morning sweetie, I hope today brings joy and happiness to you.  The sun is shining and cool today and the golfers are out playing.  Not Grandpa though as he is at the store picking a few items.  He likes to shop!  We have our Christmas tree up already.  I know it’s early but I leave for Naples soon to spend the holidays with my family down there.  Dama, Jody, Žan, Taj and I will be together.   You wouldn’t recognize Žan now.  He is growing so fast.  I think he’s going to be tall.  Maybe not as tall as your daddy but tall!  Little Taj had an operation on his left ear.  He can’t hear anything out of that ear but in a few months the doctors are going to reconstruct his eardrum and maybe he’ll hear something then.  He doesn’t miss a thing though.  His right ear is working just fine.   He had a tumor in his ear and they removed it and now it’s healing.  He’s so funny.  He’s had so many doctors and nurses poking him he now thanks them after they’ve given him a shot or taken blood!  Can you imagine.  They’re surprised too.  I hope your Thanksgiving was good and delicious.  Grandpa and I went to Charlotte and stayed with Grandpa’s oldest daughter’s family.  They have twins about six months younger than you.  I look at them and guess that you are about their height and doing some of the same things.  Micah, the boy, loves to hug.  We didn’t want to go on the Ferris wheel so we both did the merry go round!  I was a little big for my horse but we rode next to one another and had fun.  I wish the two of us could have fun like that.  Just hanging out, doing stuff.  I’m 73 years old now but I can do a lot and keep up with the little ones.
You have a new cousin. His name is Tyler and he was born in October. He has two sisters, Leah and Aubrey.  I think you have 23 first cousins now.  The oldest is 20 years old and Tyler is the youngest.
Grandpa and I are going to see Bethlehem Live at a local church tonight.  I hear they have actors dressed in Roman times so it should be interesting.  Ok, Miss Emma Grace Foege, I am signing off .  Love you
To the moon and back.  Grammie