Sunday, May 30, 2021

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Dave!

 Hi Emma Grace,

Today May 30th, 2021 your grandpa Dave would have been 75 years old. He loooved you sooooo much. You brought him smiles like I have never seen before. I know these top two pictures are not pretty of grandpa, but it was the reality at that time. We would pop into the hospital where he spent way too much of his time. Look how adorable you are! Can you see why he lit up when you came into the room?

Emma, our entire Foege family is heartbroken that you are mere miles away and we can't see you. At some point, I know that you will reach out to any one of us. It has been SIX years since we have all been together. 

Here is my number again just in case... #305-796-8819 - The fact that you have been alienated from us just days after your daddy passed is wrong in every way. There is no excuse for alienation. 

The last time we saw you was July 30th, 2015. That is 2130 days ago! A LONG time! There is nothing ethical about alienation. There is also nothing ethical about those that aid in alienation of a child. No human with a conscience would ever alienate a child from the family that raised you and love you. I know that you comprehend this. You are a highly intelligent girl and we pray for you daily. 

It is just a matter of time when you call any one of us. Grammie, grandpa Bud, auntie Jo, Žan, Taj and many more are waiting for you to reintegrate. May you be strong. May you use that brilliant mind of yours. May you be protected and cared for... and may you heal. God Bless and love always, Auntie DDé 

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Dave! Here is a video of him:

This was taken at Physician's Regional hospital in Naples, Florida. 

Grandpa Dave was nicknamed, "Dave the Wave" & his wife, "Cruisin' Susan" because they took so many cruises. What a life! They made a fun pair!

This is Grandpa Dave in Bangkok, Thailand. He would go over there to receive stem cell replacement therapy for his heart. He was well taken care of there and loved to travel too!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Good Morning Emma ❤️

 I saw this little cartoon and wanted to share it with you this beautiful morning. Be happy and know we are here for you.  Love you baby doll.....

With lots of hug and kisses 😘 
Your Grammie