Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Sweetpea

 Hi Emma,

It’s Thanksgiving day, 2023 and I wish the very best day for you.  I give thanks today for the day you were born and the joy you brought to our family.  God hand picked you for our family so your absence has hurt.  We welcome you back into our family because actually you never left our hearts.  Maybe we weren’t allowed to see you and maybe you were told things about us that weren’t true but you never left our hearts.  In fact Taj and I were talking about another Emma who he spent a great day with and when he was telling me his story, he said “not our Emma, another Emma” .  You are in our present time everyday.  

Forget about how you treated us at the game. You were surprised, maybe you were scared, maybe you thought you’d be in trouble with Scott or your mom if you talked to us.  Yes, I was hurt but I forgive you.  There’s no room in my heart for sadness or unforgiveness.  Your mom, in her heart, knows the right thing to do.  You both must have courage to do what’s in your heart to do.  You know what that is. 

True happiness awaits you with clear understanding.  

Well honey, I’m going to my neighbors for Thanksgiving dinner.  I made cranberry bread and shrimp dip.  Everyone should like them.  The hostess with the mostest is making the rest.  Her daughter, three grandchildren and exchange student from Italy will be there so I’m anxious to hear the conversations.  

Life can be fun and I look forward to us being together.

I love you honey,


Sunday, November 12, 2023

Emma, do you have Spotify?

Emma, for the past three years, I have been placing music into playlists for you. 

You may like some of these tracks and you may not like them - the point is -> you are on our minds and hearts. Why? Because you are our family, that's why. Simple.

This is what family does... makes playlists, sings, dances, goofs around, reaches out by calling, hangs out, goes on vacations together, goes out to eat, talks about life, goes to church, goes to the beach, goes to family reunions, checks out music concerts and sports games, learns stuff, laughs, cries, get angry... family is not meant to be isolated, alienated and all that... we have space for you and for whomever you'd like to bring with you when you reach out. You have our digits. For now, these playlists are from you from afar, but not that far because I'm in Naples... and have been since you were born. 

💜 enJoy, Auntie DDé


Playlist_2 - I'm still adding to this one...

November 12th, 2023

Hi Emma! 
Say, have a look at what your Grammie looks like throughout the years.
She is your blood and she has shown you nothing but love and respect since the moment you were born. 

You are 16 now and are probably starting to ask questions as to why you are alienated from your dad's family. As you may have noticed over the years, the storyline you've been told may not add up. Just look through this blog. It certainly doesn't line up with whatever narrative you have been fed over the years. 

It's not your fault. You were a very young child that lost her dad to a massive heart attack on July 2, 2015. 
He did not take his own life contrary to what you may have been told. He was a very loving father that had untreated diabetes and a heart condition. Your grandpa Dave had quite a few heart attacks. Heart issues run in the male side of the Foege family, which is your given last name and the name of your family, Emma.

The last date we've all been together was July 30th, 2015, just 28 days after your dad left us.
Twenty eight days!
You were 7 years old when the alienation started. We raised you along with your dad and have lots of photos and videos of you from birth through the day we lost total connection with you 8 years ago.

Your dad would be livid if he knew that you have been alienated from his family. He loved you to the moon and back and lived his every day in dedication to you. He did not want to leave us. 

He loved us, he loved his pals and he was a massive advocate for underserved children in Collier County. 
You are old enough now to ask critical questions. 
Have courage, Emma.
You have an entire family from your dad's side that is waiting for you to wisen up, ask the questions necessary to gain clarity and receive what is rightfully yours.
We love you and are here when you are ready to reach out. You literally have two aunts and two cousins just miles away from you and grandparents just a phone call away. Broaden your horizons. It's time.

Love always, Auntie DDé

Phone for facts. Phone to reunite. 
Life is precious. No time to waste. 

Emma Grace Foege

Emma Grace Foege ☝- happy girl. 💛