Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hi Honey

My sweet Emma Grace, sometimes the pain of losing both you and your Dad is unbearable and today is one of those days.  Being told that because I am just the grandmother, I have no right to see you or talk to you. I don’t mean to make you sad but sometimes I just want to scream it from the rooftops that this so unfair, so unjust and what good does all this do.  I don’t understand it so know that my love and concern for you is unending and forever more. I will go to my grave knowing that my love and care for you was genuine and with every fiber in my body soaked with Gods love.  The pain doesn’t go away for me and I am forever changed by the cruelty I’ve experienced by your mother and her child abuser boyfriend.  Proven in the courts, Emma,  he went to jail for stealing thousands of dollars and he has beaten young children.  Yes, Scott is a disturbed man so please be careful.  May God have mercy on their souls.  I have forgiven your mother for her despicable actions involving your welfare but I do miss the fun and the closeness we had. You probably don’t even remember me now. It was now several years ago.  I can’t expect for anything to change so we continue without you.  My spirit is sad.  Dama, Jody, Žan and Taj and Grandpa Bud fill my world and just waiting for you.  If you ever come back.