Friday, April 16, 2021

It’s a Sunny Day Here

 Good morning honey,

Thinking about you today as always and wondering what you’re doing and praying you are safe.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of us!
It shows how close we were and memories of our times here in Ocean Isle Beach.  I am creating memories with Žan and Taj and you are, my sweet girl, missing from our family.  
I was reading this morning about courage.  Like in the movie The Wizard of Oz.  Remember the lion, usually courageous, wanted courage as he shook in fear of what was going to happen next in his life.  The tin man wanted a heart, the scarecrow wanted a brain.  Dorothy, the little girl, just wanted to go home and have life be normal again.  She missed her family back in Kansas.  All the while in their search for Oz, that mysterious place they were in search of and where they all thought they could ask the wizard to grant them their wishes, they eventually found out they already had everything they needed.  Inside of them!  They just didn’t have the confidence and the courage to stand strong. Dorothy found out how strong she really was, she went back to Kansas and everyone got their wishes. Now the movie is a classic from 1939 and I’ve seen it a “thousand” times as most of America has, but it has great value and meaning for all of us who think we don’t have the courage to proceed with our dreams.  I remember you showing me your favorite thing in you and your daddy’s house.  It was a wooden cut out of the word “Dream”.  Never give up on your dreams.  Courage is the base word for encourage.  It holds strength and persistence and you have that in you. I encourage you to pursue your dreams. Your father had dreams too and he is now trying to help you.  His heart attack took him from us, those who love him but I know he is watching over you, the most precious thing he ever created.  He was the best “Girl Dad” any little girl could have.  Always remember that,  because you were the reason life made sense for him, the reason he got up in the morning, the reason he worked so hard and the reason for the joy in his life.  You filled a hole in his heart that only you could do.
My sweet Emma, my day is just beginning and I have much to do so I leave you now but as I always tell you, we are here for you and you are a wonderful, sweet, kind girl. Remember that!