Sunday, September 27, 2020

Birthday gal is 13!

 Happy Birthday, Emma Grace! You're a teenager! WOW! I hope you have so much fun! 

Here's a photo of Zan, Taj, you, and me in Uncle Jon and Aunt Carmen's backyard! And a photo of you and your dad playing around at bath time as usual! There were always a ridiculous amount of bubbles and lots of splashing! :)

Love always, Auntie Jo

Happy 13th Birthday 🎁❤️🎂

Happy Birthday 🎂 

 Happy Birthday Emma Grace.  Can’t believe you are 13 years old.  Probably very grown up.  I wanted to include some pictures from one of your birthdays.  Your father had a party for you at the Botanical Gardens.  All your friends came with their parents.  That’s you and I resting at the party.  You were so little.  We miss sharing these types of events with you honey and we’re still waiting for you.  We haven’t abandoned you.  No matter what you’ve been told, you are loved by your daddy’s family and by so many others that have been shut out of your life too.  Stay strong sweetie and I love you.  Grammie ❤️

Just for laughs I threw in a picture of your cousins having fun in my bathtub with the jets on! I have a picture of the three of you having a bubble party at your house when you were younger that sits on a shelf.  

Saturday, September 26, 2020


 Hi there little lady, 

It is your B -Day week! 

Happy Birthday! 

May all your dreams come true! 

We love you mucho and look forward to the day we get to play!

Žan's are the two on top, Taj's are below his. These are not recent pieces of art. 

Aren't they fun though?

I know you are such an artistic, intelligent, spirited gal.

May the time come soon- very soon, where we can create art together again.

May you be protected and guided always,

Love, Auntie DDé