Friday, December 6, 2019

Phone Me

I almost forgot!  If you can get to a phone please call me, 703-577-5746.  Borrow a phone when you go a friends house or something. Love ya sweet pea.   Grammie

I’m always here for you, Emma

Good morning sweetie, I hope today brings joy and happiness to you.  The sun is shining and cool today and the golfers are out playing.  Not Grandpa though as he is at the store picking a few items.  He likes to shop!  We have our Christmas tree up already.  I know it’s early but I leave for Naples soon to spend the holidays with my family down there.  Dama, Jody, Žan, Taj and I will be together.   You wouldn’t recognize Žan now.  He is growing so fast.  I think he’s going to be tall.  Maybe not as tall as your daddy but tall!  Little Taj had an operation on his left ear.  He can’t hear anything out of that ear but in a few months the doctors are going to reconstruct his eardrum and maybe he’ll hear something then.  He doesn’t miss a thing though.  His right ear is working just fine.   He had a tumor in his ear and they removed it and now it’s healing.  He’s so funny.  He’s had so many doctors and nurses poking him he now thanks them after they’ve given him a shot or taken blood!  Can you imagine.  They’re surprised too.  I hope your Thanksgiving was good and delicious.  Grandpa and I went to Charlotte and stayed with Grandpa’s oldest daughter’s family.  They have twins about six months younger than you.  I look at them and guess that you are about their height and doing some of the same things.  Micah, the boy, loves to hug.  We didn’t want to go on the Ferris wheel so we both did the merry go round!  I was a little big for my horse but we rode next to one another and had fun.  I wish the two of us could have fun like that.  Just hanging out, doing stuff.  I’m 73 years old now but I can do a lot and keep up with the little ones.
You have a new cousin. His name is Tyler and he was born in October. He has two sisters, Leah and Aubrey.  I think you have 23 first cousins now.  The oldest is 20 years old and Tyler is the youngest.
Grandpa and I are going to see Bethlehem Live at a local church tonight.  I hear they have actors dressed in Roman times so it should be interesting.  Ok, Miss Emma Grace Foege, I am signing off .  Love you
To the moon and back.  Grammie

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hi Honey

My sweet Emma Grace, sometimes the pain of losing both you and your Dad is unbearable and today is one of those days.  Being told that because I am just the grandmother, I have no right to see you or talk to you. I don’t mean to make you sad but sometimes I just want to scream it from the rooftops that this so unfair, so unjust and what good does all this do.  I don’t understand it so know that my love and concern for you is unending and forever more. I will go to my grave knowing that my love and care for you was genuine and with every fiber in my body soaked with Gods love.  The pain doesn’t go away for me and I am forever changed by the cruelty I’ve experienced by your mother and her child abuser boyfriend.  Proven in the courts, Emma,  he went to jail for stealing thousands of dollars and he has beaten young children.  Yes, Scott is a disturbed man so please be careful.  May God have mercy on their souls.  I have forgiven your mother for her despicable actions involving your welfare but I do miss the fun and the closeness we had. You probably don’t even remember me now. It was now several years ago.  I can’t expect for anything to change so we continue without you.  My spirit is sad.  Dama, Jody, Žan and Taj and Grandpa Bud fill my world and just waiting for you.  If you ever come back.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Happy Birthday Emma

My sweet Emma, you are 12 years old today and I hope you have a fabulous day.  It is Friday and you have a weekend ahead of you so enjoy yourself.
We are all still here and loving you from afar.  We don’t know the school you go to or where you live so your mother’s plans to keep us from you has succeeded.  I hope she hasn’t brainwashed you into believing that we have abandoned you and that we don’t care.
What your mother doesn’t know is that I have forgiven her for what she has done.  In my mind I have let her go, as well as Barbara and We are moving on without your physical presence in our lives but the weight of anger has lifted because I no longer have that in my heart.  That goes for your two aunts as well.  Žan and Taj remember your face because they have a photo of you in their house.  As all young children do, they continue to grow in love and care from those around them and the giggles and wonderful memories continue.  It is sad that your cousins live close by and you can’t play with them or go to events with them.
Keep your goodness and purity about you.  Do well in school.  You will grow up to be a successful advocate for children someday.  Children that can’t help themselves but have to rely on adults to make life changing decisions for them.
I’m sure you are still a considerate beautiful and smart young lady.  Do only what is right and please don’t be coerced by anybody to do anything you feel is wrong.  I trust you and love you.  You know I always tell you the truth.

As always, I am here at 703-577-5746.  Leave a message if I don’t answer. Don’t be afraid to call.
Love, Grammie

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Hi Emma G! Just a few photos for you...
Maybe we can ride in grandpa's golf cart again! You can drive!!
Do you remember when Zan had a birthday at Chuck E Cheese? You were playing a driving game together :)

I hope you are happy and doing well in school. Miss you tons.

Love always,
Auntie Jo

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hi Emma Grace, Hope you are good.  I am in Naples and Grandpa is with me this time.  We’re busy visiting all the places of interest here.  The picture of Žan and Taj and I in Marco was fun but it would have been more fun with you too.  Yes, all of us, Auntie Jo, Auntie DDé, Grandpa, your cousins and me.  That would be perfect.  Call me if you read this.  703-577-5746.  
Love you my sweet girl. Grammie

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Emma Grace!
Love is in the air.  Grandpa got me a nice card and delicious candy.  He called Aintie Jo and Auntie D’De to wish them a great day.  He would have called you but we don’t know your number. All the girls in our family get something special today.  Hope you had a lovey day too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February in Ocean I

Good Morning my dear granddaughter,
The chilly weather is nice so we all can wear our sweaters and jackets if we want.  It’s another part of the closet to visit! I hope you are good and happy and enjoying school.  As you get older, sometimes there are more challenges in the classroom and in your social groups.  I can remember when I was your age, my best friend was Patricia McBride and she had one sister, Nancy.  Their mother was always so understanding and kind.  My Mom was too but I never felt like the “the only one” in the room with my Mom because all my brothers and sisters were there and with their friends.  I liked both houses...Patricia’s because of the individual attention I got and mine because I was never without someone to play with and because it was my “home”.  Very important to know where you belong.  I was #2 of 7 kids and my grandmother lived with us.  My parents had great respect for her as she was a quiet lady but we all knew she loved us so much.  She tended to her garden and loved her beautiful lilacs and peonies.  She was widowed at a young age and without any government assistance like there is today, she had to make money for her family.  My mother dropped out of school so she could help with the financial obligations.  Well it all worked out. When Gram was older but not too old she got to travel with a wealthy family and took care of their children.  They all became like family.  They even gave us a dog named Eric.  He was a boxer who drooled a lot.  He was so kind to people and to us kids but he sure didn’t like cats. It was before all dogs had to be on a leash.  Gram left me with some beautiful memories and I feel so lucky.  She never smoked or drank alcohol but didn’t judge anyone who did.  In fact, I never heard her say anything bad about anyone.  Ever!
Well, my sweet little girl 👧, I bid you goodbye for today and until I sit myself down again to write to you.  I hope you are bringing happiness to people around you and kindness to all.  Your daddy is always with you whether you see him or not.  He is there.

You are loved from afar,  Grammie

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hi Emma G!

Do you remember Emma Grace from Outer Space?! Did Alexis and her parents call you that? Very cute :)

Zan and Taj and Auntie D-De were here for Thanksgiving. We stayed on Lake Superior at a beautiful resort. I wish you could have visited. It was very pretty to watch the sunrise over the lake and hear the waves crashing at night. There was a Thanksgiving parade in town and the people were throwing candy...of course the boys loved it, but just like your daddy used to do with you at Halloween, I gave the boys only 10 pieces to choose. Taj still doesn't like to brush his teeth but Zan is getting better!

We miss you more than you will ever know. I think about you every day. Several times a day. Every single day!

Are you still swimming or horseback riding? What kind of sports are you involved with now?

I love you, Emma G.

Auntie Jo

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Another New Year

Good Morning Emma Grace,
It is now another new year and cold outside here today.  Gives me an excuse to wear your daddy’s sweatshirt from the Naples Winter Wine Festival.  The annual fund raiser is coming up and I’m sure lots of underserved children will be given more attention after this is over once again.  It’s so great that the wealthy can have fun while fulfilling so many needs for the poor and disabled.  Sometimes we’re not given a choice in life and this helps many people. I wish them luck and good fortune this year.
How are you, my sweet little girl?  Sometimes it’s hard to compose letters to you because I don’t know your interests anymore, your likes and dislikes, what makes you happy and sad.  I can only hope and pray that your life without all of Daddy’s family is ok for you.  I come and go from Naples and always look for you. In this age of social media, I think your mother keeps you hidden and away from so many who love you.  I pray that her mental illness will be taken away by the grace of God.
Your Daddy is with you protecting you as he always had to.  So make this year 2019 a great one and blossom into a wonderful young lady who cares for others and loves herself.
As always, your Grammie loves the moon and back!