Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Sweetpea

 Hi Emma,

It’s Thanksgiving day, 2023 and I wish the very best day for you.  I give thanks today for the day you were born and the joy you brought to our family.  God hand picked you for our family so your absence has hurt.  We welcome you back into our family because actually you never left our hearts.  Maybe we weren’t allowed to see you and maybe you were told things about us that weren’t true but you never left our hearts.  In fact Taj and I were talking about another Emma who he spent a great day with and when he was telling me his story, he said “not our Emma, another Emma” .  You are in our present time everyday.  

Forget about how you treated us at the game. You were surprised, maybe you were scared, maybe you thought you’d be in trouble with Scott or your mom if you talked to us.  Yes, I was hurt but I forgive you.  There’s no room in my heart for sadness or unforgiveness.  Your mom, in her heart, knows the right thing to do.  You both must have courage to do what’s in your heart to do.  You know what that is. 

True happiness awaits you with clear understanding.  

Well honey, I’m going to my neighbors for Thanksgiving dinner.  I made cranberry bread and shrimp dip.  Everyone should like them.  The hostess with the mostest is making the rest.  Her daughter, three grandchildren and exchange student from Italy will be there so I’m anxious to hear the conversations.  

Life can be fun and I look forward to us being together.

I love you honey,


Sunday, November 12, 2023

Emma, do you have Spotify?

Emma, for the past three years, I have been placing music into playlists for you. 

You may like some of these tracks and you may not like them - the point is -> you are on our minds and hearts. Why? Because you are our family, that's why. Simple.

This is what family does... makes playlists, sings, dances, goofs around, reaches out by calling, hangs out, goes on vacations together, goes out to eat, talks about life, goes to church, goes to the beach, goes to family reunions, checks out music concerts and sports games, learns stuff, laughs, cries, get angry... family is not meant to be isolated, alienated and all that... we have space for you and for whomever you'd like to bring with you when you reach out. You have our digits. For now, these playlists are from you from afar, but not that far because I'm in Naples... and have been since you were born. 

💜 enJoy, Auntie DDé


Playlist_2 - I'm still adding to this one...

November 12th, 2023

Hi Emma! 
Say, have a look at what your Grammie looks like throughout the years.
She is your blood and she has shown you nothing but love and respect since the moment you were born. 

You are 16 now and are probably starting to ask questions as to why you are alienated from your dad's family. As you may have noticed over the years, the storyline you've been told may not add up. Just look through this blog. It certainly doesn't line up with whatever narrative you have been fed over the years. 

It's not your fault. You were a very young child that lost her dad to a massive heart attack on July 2, 2015. 
He did not take his own life contrary to what you may have been told. He was a very loving father that had untreated diabetes and a heart condition. Your grandpa Dave had quite a few heart attacks. Heart issues run in the male side of the Foege family, which is your given last name and the name of your family, Emma.

The last date we've all been together was July 30th, 2015, just 28 days after your dad left us.
Twenty eight days!
You were 7 years old when the alienation started. We raised you along with your dad and have lots of photos and videos of you from birth through the day we lost total connection with you 8 years ago.

Your dad would be livid if he knew that you have been alienated from his family. He loved you to the moon and back and lived his every day in dedication to you. He did not want to leave us. 

He loved us, he loved his pals and he was a massive advocate for underserved children in Collier County. 
You are old enough now to ask critical questions. 
Have courage, Emma.
You have an entire family from your dad's side that is waiting for you to wisen up, ask the questions necessary to gain clarity and receive what is rightfully yours.
We love you and are here when you are ready to reach out. You literally have two aunts and two cousins just miles away from you and grandparents just a phone call away. Broaden your horizons. It's time.

Love always, Auntie DDé

Phone for facts. Phone to reunite. 
Life is precious. No time to waste. 

Emma Grace Foege

Emma Grace Foege ☝- happy girl. 💛


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Happy 16th Birthday Emma

 Today is the day you turn 16 yrs old.  Have a wonderful day.  In a perfect or maybe not so perfect world we would be together to celebrate this important day with you.  We love you from afar honey. 


Thursday, August 31, 2023

Today at the football game was horrible

This is how I remembered you Emma.  

We had not seen you in eight years. I didn’t know which one was you.  Auntie Jo and Auntie DDé knew your dad’s eyes.  I saw your dimples.  Then we knew.  You were scared and upset with those that love you, your grandmother and aunts. You were frightened of us.  I asked you “why”.  I didn’t understand.  I watched you return to the line of cheerleaders and then I had to leave.  It hurt too much.  What have you been told about us?  Only loving you and trying to protect you from a distance, that’s all.  

I thought maybe you could hear my words from my heart when I wrote.  When I’d send a card to your address or a present.  I pray for you honey.

I love you and you are the world to me.  You, Źan and Taj are everything to me.  

Love, Grammie

Monday, August 21, 2023

August 21st, 2023

 Hey there little lady,

"Little"... haha.. I doubt you are little anymore given the fact that your daddy was 6 foot 5 inches. I'd imagine that you are around 5'6 ? That's a guess because we, your father's side of the family, have been alienated from you (and you alienated from us) since July 30th, 2015. That is over eight years ago and about half of your lifetime. 

Well, at least we had those first eight years of your life on a consistent basis to be together. It was awesome being together those years. You were such an amazing big cousin to my boys for their first years of their lives too. This picture is when you and your daddy and some of our friends took a boat out to one of the islands. We played in the warm waters and had an amazing day! Eagles flew overhead, you sang a little while soaking in the Gulf of Mexico water and your daddy's roaring laugh, that day, I can still hear. 

I realize that this website is most likely blocked in your house and across all comm devices so that you don't see it, however, if a friend or a friend's parent were to have you glance at these messages from us to you, I know that a bright, new, truth filled and purely loving, family oriented world will open up for you.

You are nearly 16 years old! Sweet sixteen! How cool. I imagine you are in high school now somewhere in Naples and starting your second year. Make it a phenomenal year, Emma! Have a fun time, surround yourself with solid people and know that we are here for you and want to have a relationship with you. Ask questions, Emma. Asking questions will lead to more questions and may deliver you from this gnarly estrangement. 

Family bonds reign over lies. Truth prevails. It's just a matter of time. As always, we pray fervently for your safety, for your robust health and for your rightful return to your paternal family who is here in Naples, FL just a few miles away.... 

Make no mistake about it, if we were so horrible and scary and didn't love you and want you in our lives, which is how families behave, then we wouldn't spend any time writing this blog over the years plus, much much defend you. I trust you are intelligently navigating. 

God Bless and Protect Emma Grace 💗


(If anyone is reading this blog filled with *contemporaneous notes from the heart* and have any questions, concerns, information, or anything else please ring me, Dama, at 305-796-8819. I am Emma's paternal Aunt that closely raised Emma along with my now deceased brother, Todd Foege, who is Emma's father. I'm always open for civil conversations, or if you're curious to know facts surrounding her alienation or if you have anything to share with me or my family. We aren't going anywhere. You can attempt to erase a loving family from a child's mind and heart, but it doesn't last forever. Emma has a right to know and have an opportunity to build relationship with her father's family. Period. 


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

August heat!

 Hi honey,

Happy Hot Summer to you!  You should be starting school and now you’re a sophomore.  Congratulations!  And you’re getting closer to being sweet sixteen!  I know it’s on the 27th of next month but hey, I’ll bet you must feel like you’ve lived many lifetimes so getting a jump start on birthday celebrations sounds good to me.  Wish we could be there with you. Can’t wait for the day when you are free of being so isolated from us and all those that loved you so before Daddy died.  Losing your Daddy so young must feel like so long ago and I’m sure you’re not allowed to have pictures of him. We all have so many to share when we see you.  

My thought for you today.  Close your eyes and look inside your heart because everyone who loves you but are kept away from you are there.  Yes, inside your heart lovin you to pieces.  Daddy is in Heaven with God, with the Angels.  Where can you find him?  Look in the mirror, he is right there.  

Call me anytime. My phone probably won’t recognize your number, so leave me a message.  I always get voicemails. Don’t be afraid to call, and don’t believe anything your mother and her boyfriend tell you about us.  We are the same loving people you loved before.  Practically all isolated children are taught to be fearful of the “alienated” family members.  Myself, Grandpa, Auntie DDe’, Auntie Jo, cousins Źan and Taj and all my family waiting for you, are alienated family members.  We are the same people who helped raise you when you were little along with your Daddy.  

Be good and take care of yourself.  Love you to pieces.



Saturday, July 29, 2023

Good morning sweetpea!

 I hope today is a good day for you and you are happy.  Look what I found!  Do you remember when this was taken?  Auntie DDe’ was giving a yoga class and Auntie Jo took you and a friend of yours to it.  You all are at the bottom of the picture with you and Auntie Jo reaching out to each other after the class when everyone is relaxing following the workout. It’s so tender and so sweet.  I wanted to share this with you on this very hot summer day in July.  I will be flying down tomorrow and as always, I look for you wherever I go.  I miss you honey.  Grammie

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

My prayer for you

 Good morning Emma,

I hope this Tuesday morning prayer for you finds you safe and sound and knowing in your heart that you have a family, that you might not even remember, that’s waiting to see you again, to know you, to have you know us, to laugh with us, to cry with us, to make plans for our future together with us, to share thoughts and stories of what has happened to all of us since we last saw you, and to be together forever and a day!  

My prayer for you is for you to grow up healthy and strong, for you to be filled with wisdom beyond your years and with God’s special favor upon you.  Amen

We love you, your daddy loves you from Heaven and God loves you so much.

Forever in my heart❤️, Grammie 

Sunday, July 2, 2023

July 2, 2023 ~ Todd's song for Sweet Emma G.........

Todd's song for his daughter, Emma Grace Foege. 

I believe he wrote it in 2015 near the beginning of the year. 

Sooner than later-------

Well I want you to know things 

Be aware when I am not around

 I know when your blue eyes see straight through me
And speak to me with all of that blonde

So I want to cuddle
Protect you from all of the things I've already been through
I want to show you
Show you this life isn’t as bad as I may have made it too
I'll always love you
The way that this father loves his only daughter

When I walk out every morning
I cry as I walk to the door
I cry about how long I'd be away for
I cry about leaving you with your Ma

So I want to hold you

Protect you from all of the things I've already been through
And Im gunna show you
Show you this life isn’t as bad as I may have made it too
I'll always love you
The way that this father should love his only daughter

My Emma G……………

My Emma G…………….

My Emma G……………

So I wanted to write this- dunno where to begin

Before I have to blow
To explain to you the shit I have been through
To explain what your daddy always knows 

I want to cuddle
Protect you from all of the things I've already endured
I want to show you
Show you this life isn’t as bad as I may have made it too
I'll always love you
The way that this father loves his only daughter

Sweet Emma G……………

Sweet Emma G…………….

Sweet Emma G……………


I, personally, would love to hear someone sing this song country style.

Todd was a country boy at heart. 

Sure do miss him. Miss you too, Emma... I trust that as you strengthen up and start asking questions, you'll reach out when ready to do so. 

We are here and ready to uplift your life, to nurture where needed and to offer whatever you need, to the best of our ability. 

Your family is here for you just a few miles away. 

You are Todd's daughter, thus I know you are a powerful and highly intelligent navigator of life.

Truth will prevail.

Love, Auntie DDé 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Great picture

 Hi Emma,  hope you are good today and happy.  I found these pics and thought you would enjoy seeing my dad and your dad together for my 60th birthday party, you and your dad in the car, your grandpa - my dad at Arlington National Cemetery at his uncle’s graveside, you with your cousins, Źan and Taj, a group picture and one of Auntie Jo and your dad and a precious one of you and daddy when you were so little.  

Someday you will see these posts and we look forward to reuniting with you.  We continue on without you but we are sad that we have to.  It’s not our choice.  Love you to the moon and back,  your Grammie

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Monday, April 10, 2023

Hi Honey,

 Hi Emma,  it’s been a while since I last wrote and Easter has come and gone and summer is fast approaching.  When you were little, you came and stayed with us.  We had projects and fun things to do.  Do you remember decorating the golf cart for the July 4th parade in our neighborhood?  It was exciting and Mr. Buddys daughter lent you some red, white and blue things to hang on it which made it extra special.  Coming down to Naples soon.  Wish I could see you but unfortunately your mother won’t let you see anyone in your daddy’s family.  It’s so sad.  I pray for you and I even pray for your mother.  I feel she needs a miracle.  Love you to the moon and back, my sweet granddaughter, Grammie.  

Monday, March 20, 2023

Hi Emma G!

For the past week, I've been planning two fun trips! Returning to Costa Rica (I think this will be my 4th time) and a trip to Antarctica! The Antarctic trip leaves from Argentina and we will get on a special boat that is able to brave small glaciers and ice-covered water. Not many people can go to Antarctica for a grand adventure so it will be fun to learn about this place and to meet other world explorers (which is sometimes just as fun and educational as the trip itself!).

Soon you will be able to adventure out, and I hope you do. There is a big, happy world outside of Florida and the U.S. to travel and be free! I'm sure school can feel like an adventure at times...all the activities you are involved in and the friends you must have! Remember that school is also a safe zone. If you need someone to talk to, find your favorite teacher or someone at school. They are able to help you. Do you have a favorite teacher? Know that they're on your side.

If there is an opportunity to go abroad -- or go anywhere -- as a part of a school trip, do it! You will learn about how good most people are in the world, about healthy interactions among people, and the ingenuity of communities. 

As always, wishing you safety and happiness 💕


Auntie Jo

Thursday, February 2, 2023

It’s warm here in SWF

 Hi Emma Grace, 

Hope you are doing great!❤️   Yes I am in town and enjoying your warm weather.  I’m sure you’ve noticed more people and more cars on the road with all the northerners here. Instead of shoveling snow and freezing temperatures they find comfort in this climate.  You are so lucky.  Do you remember your first snow?   It was in Virginia at my house and Auntie Jo got you all bundled up and took you outside in the yard.  You were so funny.  Your eyes got big as saucers and just stood in the snow not knowing what to do.  You were so cute!  I’m glad I was around to enjoy those first experiences with you.  The innocent joy was beautiful. Your first Christmas tree was with us.  You grabbed for the lights that twinkled.  Amazing!  

Now that you are 15, I’m sure you’ve grown to be a lovely sweet girl.  I hope you smile a lot and have good friends.  Teenage years can be tough.  I remember mine and I’m sure I could be a handful for my parents and they had six other kids to worry about too.  My family had a 4 bedroom, 1 bath home high on a hill on the southwest side of Syracuse. My grandmother lived with us until I was in high school when she passed away.  She was wonderful and I loved her very much. The Cannon family lived across the street with 7 kids, the Sherlock family lived next door with 7 kids and practically everyone else on Colvin Street had children. One of my best friends in the neighborhood was Linda Shannon and there were 7 kids in her family too.  It was fun and my mother always had an extra place at the dinner table for one of our friends.  Most families all ate dinner together then.  Never in front of the tv like these days. We had one telephone, and when I was really young, we had a party line.  That means several families shared the same phone line.  So we would pick up the phone to call someone and we could hear someone else’s conversation.  We couldn’t use our phone until they were finished.  I was tempted to listen in sometimes but it was usually boring!!  I never played too many sports because in those days most of the sports were for boys. I was a cheerleader in high school and since I was flexible, I could really jump high.  I took tap and ballet lessons and loved to dance but I stopped taking those when I got older. Four of us girls performed for the elementary school one time.  We were called the Twinkletoes!  Being in the Girl Scouts was big in those days of the 1950’s so I was a Brownie first and then I was Girl Scout.  We had so much fun and I learned a lot.  I grew up quite a bit during those years. I was grounded in my faith, I chose good friends to hang around with but I was friendly to all. We had nuns as teachers in school so you didn’t cross them. I never got into too much trouble but I have to say, trouble back in the 50’s and 60’s is different than today.  We didn’t have the temptation of drugs, alcohol and smoking was only kids that were troublemakers.  We couldn’t talk back to teachers, parents or anyone.  If we did, we were sent to our room or worse.   We had consequences for our actions.  I still marvel now at the strength and love that my parents had for us with their spiritual guidance, patience and  mutual respect.  I hope your mother and her boyfriend treat you with the respect you deserve.  It must have been hard for you to lose your daddy so young.  You were seven.  I don’t know how you felt but I did know what it was like to lose a son, my child, so young.  And then to lose you when your mother took you away from us was almost unbearable. Keeping you isolated from us and all your old friends must have been so confusing for you.  We probably have some of the same feelings about those days. I hope your mother was kind and understanding of your sorrow and explained things to you.  Things you didn’t understand.  And I hope she told you the truth.  Someday you will come back to us and we will tell you the truth about everything . We miss you and love you enormously .  Hugs and kisses, Grammie