Monday, March 19, 2018

Hi Emma Grace,  wanted you to see how Zan and Taj have grown  They are healthy and happy 😊.  Miss you sweetheart, Grammie

Friday, March 9, 2018

Good Morning My Sweet Granddaughter,
It has been 73 days since I last wrote you but I must tell you that each and everyday I think of you, pray for you and remember your sweet face.  Some days I shed a tear or two because we have been separated. I have to remind myself everyday that it is Gods will that you are alone with your mother and her family and not with your Daddy’s.  I cannot question Gods plan because He is always right.  I feel rest assured that you will take this experience in your life and help other children who are in the same situation that you’re in now.  Maybe some day you can change the court system so they think of the child’s welfare and not their own corrupt, lazy reasons.
The boys are getting so big.  Zan is studying fractions now and got 100% on his very hard spelling test.  He is so smart.  Taj is speaking much better and is progressing. They are both very sensitive, good kids. They pray for you each night as we all do.
Grandpa is having his knee replaced this Monday the 12th.  Like so many of us we are grateful that replacements are available!  You are going to have another cousin born in October. Yes, you have many cousins.  As my brother, your Uncle Jim said, “another leaf 🍁 on the Putnam tree”. I have saved you the ancestry information so you will know the goodness of a wonderful family that waits in the wings for you.  By the time you can see us again, some of my siblings may have passed away because we are getting on in years. Just know that they too grieve your loss from our family.
Well, I didn’t expect to write so much but my fingers kept on moving and here we are.
My constant love 💕 to you.  Until we meet again...........Grammie