Thursday, August 31, 2023

Today at the football game was horrible

This is how I remembered you Emma.  

We had not seen you in eight years. I didn’t know which one was you.  Auntie Jo and Auntie DDé knew your dad’s eyes.  I saw your dimples.  Then we knew.  You were scared and upset with those that love you, your grandmother and aunts. You were frightened of us.  I asked you “why”.  I didn’t understand.  I watched you return to the line of cheerleaders and then I had to leave.  It hurt too much.  What have you been told about us?  Only loving you and trying to protect you from a distance, that’s all.  

I thought maybe you could hear my words from my heart when I wrote.  When I’d send a card to your address or a present.  I pray for you honey.

I love you and you are the world to me.  You, Źan and Taj are everything to me.  

Love, Grammie

Monday, August 21, 2023

August 21st, 2023

 Hey there little lady,

"Little"... haha.. I doubt you are little anymore given the fact that your daddy was 6 foot 5 inches. I'd imagine that you are around 5'6 ? That's a guess because we, your father's side of the family, have been alienated from you (and you alienated from us) since July 30th, 2015. That is over eight years ago and about half of your lifetime. 

Well, at least we had those first eight years of your life on a consistent basis to be together. It was awesome being together those years. You were such an amazing big cousin to my boys for their first years of their lives too. This picture is when you and your daddy and some of our friends took a boat out to one of the islands. We played in the warm waters and had an amazing day! Eagles flew overhead, you sang a little while soaking in the Gulf of Mexico water and your daddy's roaring laugh, that day, I can still hear. 

I realize that this website is most likely blocked in your house and across all comm devices so that you don't see it, however, if a friend or a friend's parent were to have you glance at these messages from us to you, I know that a bright, new, truth filled and purely loving, family oriented world will open up for you.

You are nearly 16 years old! Sweet sixteen! How cool. I imagine you are in high school now somewhere in Naples and starting your second year. Make it a phenomenal year, Emma! Have a fun time, surround yourself with solid people and know that we are here for you and want to have a relationship with you. Ask questions, Emma. Asking questions will lead to more questions and may deliver you from this gnarly estrangement. 

Family bonds reign over lies. Truth prevails. It's just a matter of time. As always, we pray fervently for your safety, for your robust health and for your rightful return to your paternal family who is here in Naples, FL just a few miles away.... 

Make no mistake about it, if we were so horrible and scary and didn't love you and want you in our lives, which is how families behave, then we wouldn't spend any time writing this blog over the years plus, much much defend you. I trust you are intelligently navigating. 

God Bless and Protect Emma Grace 💗


(If anyone is reading this blog filled with *contemporaneous notes from the heart* and have any questions, concerns, information, or anything else please ring me, Dama, at 305-796-8819. I am Emma's paternal Aunt that closely raised Emma along with my now deceased brother, Todd Foege, who is Emma's father. I'm always open for civil conversations, or if you're curious to know facts surrounding her alienation or if you have anything to share with me or my family. We aren't going anywhere. You can attempt to erase a loving family from a child's mind and heart, but it doesn't last forever. Emma has a right to know and have an opportunity to build relationship with her father's family. Period. 


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

August heat!

 Hi honey,

Happy Hot Summer to you!  You should be starting school and now you’re a sophomore.  Congratulations!  And you’re getting closer to being sweet sixteen!  I know it’s on the 27th of next month but hey, I’ll bet you must feel like you’ve lived many lifetimes so getting a jump start on birthday celebrations sounds good to me.  Wish we could be there with you. Can’t wait for the day when you are free of being so isolated from us and all those that loved you so before Daddy died.  Losing your Daddy so young must feel like so long ago and I’m sure you’re not allowed to have pictures of him. We all have so many to share when we see you.  

My thought for you today.  Close your eyes and look inside your heart because everyone who loves you but are kept away from you are there.  Yes, inside your heart lovin you to pieces.  Daddy is in Heaven with God, with the Angels.  Where can you find him?  Look in the mirror, he is right there.  

Call me anytime. My phone probably won’t recognize your number, so leave me a message.  I always get voicemails. Don’t be afraid to call, and don’t believe anything your mother and her boyfriend tell you about us.  We are the same loving people you loved before.  Practically all isolated children are taught to be fearful of the “alienated” family members.  Myself, Grandpa, Auntie DDe’, Auntie Jo, cousins Źan and Taj and all my family waiting for you, are alienated family members.  We are the same people who helped raise you when you were little along with your Daddy.  

Be good and take care of yourself.  Love you to pieces.