Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Hi Sweetpea

 Good morning, good afternoon and good evening honey!

Almost Christmas time and I’m here with Źan and Taj.  We decorated the tree and went shopping.  Went to a place called Jeremiah’s for an Italian ice.  I got a brain freeze 🥶.  Next time I think I’ll order a gelati because it’s so creamy.  Źan shared a little of his with me. Yum!  

I hope the hurricane didn’t flood your house.  People here have to be strong and help one another because so many families lost everything.  If your Daddy was living, he would be out there helping them, that’s for sure.  He was so resourceful!  He loved helping people. 

Well, I’m off to run some errands.  Going to the Botanical Gardens tonight.  Music and lights and being surrounded by natures beauty.  Love it.  Auntie Jo and I are going. 

I always look for you and hope you would recognize me.  It’s been so long that your mother has kept you from us. You are part of us and always will be.  Always loved and always will be a Foege.  

Dreaming of wrapping my arms around you, Grammie

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Hi Emma

Hi little lady!
Thinking about you!
It's the Christmas season! 
We are all here for it... Grammie and Auntie Jo too!
Sending Love and see you soon!
Love, Auntie DDé