Tuesday, April 19, 2022

April Showers

 Hi Emma!  How are you honey?  Good I hope.  School must be coming to a close now.

 What are you doing over the summer?  Wish you could come up here or visit us in Naples.  Remember we’re not far from you.  Sending you some pictures so you can remember us and to reassure you that we haven’t changed one bit from when we last saw you in July of 2015.  Well, maybe I look a little older now.  Ok, maybe a lot older! I’ve aged a bit since your daddy died and you were taken out of our lives.  We worry about you. And yes, your mother too because she needs help to make better decisions for herself and for you.  Decisions made out of love and not fear. We want to help both of you if we can.  Anyway, remember our smiling faces and the love we’re sending to you everyday. Love ya, Grammie