Monday, March 20, 2023

Hi Emma G!

For the past week, I've been planning two fun trips! Returning to Costa Rica (I think this will be my 4th time) and a trip to Antarctica! The Antarctic trip leaves from Argentina and we will get on a special boat that is able to brave small glaciers and ice-covered water. Not many people can go to Antarctica for a grand adventure so it will be fun to learn about this place and to meet other world explorers (which is sometimes just as fun and educational as the trip itself!).

Soon you will be able to adventure out, and I hope you do. There is a big, happy world outside of Florida and the U.S. to travel and be free! I'm sure school can feel like an adventure at times...all the activities you are involved in and the friends you must have! Remember that school is also a safe zone. If you need someone to talk to, find your favorite teacher or someone at school. They are able to help you. Do you have a favorite teacher? Know that they're on your side.

If there is an opportunity to go abroad -- or go anywhere -- as a part of a school trip, do it! You will learn about how good most people are in the world, about healthy interactions among people, and the ingenuity of communities. 

As always, wishing you safety and happiness 💕


Auntie Jo