Saturday, January 13, 2024

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

 Almost two months has passed since we’ve written you Emma and I hope your holidays were fun.  Did you go anywhere special? Well, I had a lovely holiday and the only thing missing was you.  Only you, my son’s only child, my only granddaughter,  my first born grandchild and the girl I used to know and loved to pieces.  Christmas was fun.  You had a present under the tree.  An invitation to join us here in North Carolina was mailed to you and your mother but your mother declined. I was upset and sad because I sent it in good faith and willing to put bygones be bygones.  Your mother had other ideas.  My present for you reflects a time we had together shopping.  You stopped in the store, knelt down to look at all these cute things on multiple shelf’s then picked each one up and looked closely at how sweet they were. Sweet, just like you, innocent and only shown love in your life thus far.  You were never denied love from those who loved you and your world was huge with so many friends of your Daddy.  He brought you everywhere.  Your present will be saved for you along with lots of other items we have for you.  If I’ve passed on before you return to us, your aunts will know where to find them here.  After last August when we saw you for the first time in eight years, I was not sure when or if you’d ever come back.  Your reaction saddened all of us because we have done nothing to hurt or harm you.  It is important to us that you know the truth someday and about how much your Dad adored you and what has transpired over the past eight years.  You deserve to know. You think you know but I guarantee you don’t.  Life can be so complicated and the simple truth is the best and that information will come from us.  Difficult for you and difficult for us.  

I will share some pictures of my Christmas with your Aunts, cousins and Grandpa.

Never forget that we love you and will always try to protect you and put your best interests and safety as our goal. You are my son’s child and since he’s not here to protect you, we love you too much to not care what happens to you.

Always your Grammie